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We are a part of the Fair Tenancy Framework Industry Committee and Fair Tenancy Pro-Term Committee to propose Fair Tenancy Legislation for commercial tenancies.

Latest Happenings

19/9/22, 4:04 am

Be a Champion for Change -Associate Membership Renewal/Sign up

Dear Members, Thank you for your ongoing participation and support towards SGTUFF Co-operative Ltd's programmes and advocacy works. For...

8/6/22, 4:49 am

1st Annual General Meeting

SGTUFF held our 1st Annual General Meeting on 26th July 2022 at Highlander Pub. It was a pleasure to finally meet many associate members...

18/5/22, 2:47 am

February Gathering 2023

Dear members, Details of our February Gathering 2023 is as follows: Date: 31/1/23 (Tue) Time: 12nn Venue: Longbeach@Robertson Quay...

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