SGTUFF is a Singapore-registered SGTUFF Co-operative Ltd governed under the Registry of Co-operative Societies, Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth.


Image by Lily Banse

Singapore Tenants United for Fairness(SGTUFF) came to life in February 2020 primarily because the Coronavirus pandemic forced business owners from the Retail, Food and Beverage and Services sectors to come together to discuss how to collectively address the issues faced by tenants in commercial properties. There are now 1000+ verified frontline business owners in our group representing 873 brands in 3,823 retail outlets, occupying 5mil+ sq ft of commercial space with a 29,816 strong workforce.

Our Group has been very active in representing the community on engaging with multiple government ministries like Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Law, working with fellow Trade Associations like Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, Restaurant Association Singapore & Singapore Retailers Association and engaging landlords to give feedback and recommendations on what are the short term and long term measures that will address the core issues faced by frontline businesses. We are also part of the Fair Tenancy Framework Industry Committee and Fair Tenancy Pro-Tem Committee tasked to propose Fair Tenancy Legislation for commercial tenancies. SGTUFF has also started multiple community building and self-help initiatives to form new alliances, new ideas and promote synergies amongst frontline businesses.


The vision for SGTUFF Co-op is to be an advocate for frontline businesses on Fair Tenancy and LL-Tenant matters as well as to leverage collective community scale and synergies to provide both business cost savings to members and stakeholders. We hope to build our community to include all frontlines businesses in Singapore and to stand as an indomitable force for Fair Tenancy, symbiotic relationship with Landlords and as an agent of change to revive and rejuvenate Singapore’s image as a premier shop & dine destination for tourists and travellers.


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  1. SGTUFF represents and advocates for frontline businesses (focus on SME and micro and nano-SME) on key common areas of interest especially Fair Tenancy and Manpower matters.

  2. SGTUFF provides meaningful and relevant activities/services to our community in areas like cost savings on shared services, digitization, legal help, business advisory, business synergy/networking and lease/rental information.

  3. SGTUFF reinvents frontline business models in Singapore in the pursuit of successful pivoting or driving further growth in so doing, help to regain Singapore’s status as the premier Shopping, Wine & Dine and Services destination in the world.


1. Unity & Comradery of community

2. Fairness & Transparency in all our dealings

3. Accountable & Relevant to our community for everything we do.

4. Positive Engagement with all stakeholders

5. Forward Looking in how we reinvent frontline business models.

6. Mutual Respect