Press Release 

8 January 2021, TODAY

12/1/22, 12:34 pm

The Big Read: Singapore households, businesses not spared from global inflation storm as GST increase looms

21 October 2021, The Straits Times

21/10/21, 8:21 am

Latest extension of Covid-19 curbs leaves S'pore's retailers 'in deep despair, disrepair'

9 September 2021, Channel News Asia

9/9/21, 4:46 am

Survival strategies for SMEs as Singapore moves from pandemic to endemic

5 August 2021, The Straits Times

5/8/21, 4:25 am

Over 38,400 tenants and owner-occupiers to get direct rental payout from Friday

Digital Marketing 2022 Post-Webinar

10/1/22, 1:06 am

We started 2022 with a first webinar on WhatsApp Marketing, 25 members attended the webinar conducted by Mr Ian Cheong, founder and CEO...

Singapore National Co-Operative Federation(SNCF) September's Newsletter Exclusive Interview

14/9/21, 2:34 am

New Co-op aims to bridge tenant-landlord relationships

Happy Chit Chat Hour with SGTUFF Committee Members

16/8/21, 2:04 am

On 13 August 2021, 14 SGTUFF Associate Members joined the Committee Members on an informal google session to chit chat about landlords...

23 July 2021, The Straits Times

24/7/21, 3:13 am

Rental help for SME tenants in commercial properties

Digital Marketing Webinar 2022

24/12/21, 1:41 pm

Get the right start to 2022 with WhatsApp Marketing! Capitalise on your existing customer base and customer retention by retargeting,...

13 September 2021, Today

14/9/21, 2:19 am

Proposed law introduced to require landlords to provide 2-week rental waivers to SME, non-profit tenants

10 August 2021, The Straits Times

12/8/21, 1:49 am

Business cheered by direct payouts under Rental Support Scheme

22 July 2021, The Straits Times

24/7/21, 2:59 am

Front-line business seek help in paying wages, rents